" Ride the Ragged Road" Recording Project

Our first CD, an Extended Play album "Hit the Ragged Road" is in production and will be released shortly.  The songs have been released all all streaming and download services, so look us up.

We are now working on our full length Album, "Ride the Ragged Road", which should be released in late 2019.

Many thanks to the good folks at St. Lukes Anglican Church in Dryden, who are letting us record there. 

Hit the Ragged Road

EP Album

Extended Play

1. Let the Rain Fall

2. Any Other Way

3. Keep the Rain Away


Bonus Material

4.  Collide (Demo)

5.  Second Hand Shoes (Demo)

6.  Muddy Waters (Demo)

7.  CKDR Interview

Ride the Ragged Road 2019 Tracks

  1. Any Other Way

  2. Just Like Yesterday

  3. Keep the Rain Away

  4. Second Hand Shoes

  5. Collide

  6. Whiskey Winter Wind

  7. Let the Rain Fall

  8. Shotgun Proposal

  9. Easy for the Tears to Roll

  10. Run Sparrow Run

  11. Tick Tock

  12. Storms Will Rise