Meet the Band

Rod Parr, Jhustin Czjakowski, Michael Dennis, Peter Keen and Chris Marchand

Rod Parr, Jhustin Czjakowski, Michael Dennis, Peter Keen and Chris Marchand

What do a maintenance manager, math teacher, map-maker, lawyer, and public relations expert have in common?  Ragged Road.

Rod Parr (Lead Guitar, Vocals, and anything with strings that can make a sound), Jhustin Czjakowski (Bass Guitar), Michael Dennis (Rhythm Guitar), Peter Keen (Vocals and Guitar), and Chris Marchand (Drums) are Ragged Road.  They look forward to entertaining you in 2019.

Ragged Road began when Peter snuck up to play an Anglican Church Minister's battered old guitar, neglecting to ask for permission first.  Father Dick Kennedy caught him, and rather than giving him an earful, asked him to play and sing the next Sunday.  There, Peter was introduced to rhythm guitarist Mike.  Over the next couple of years, the two collaborated on a number of songs, and begun performing whenever possible.  At open mics, they caught Rod Parr's imaginative licks and riffs.   In 2018, Jhustin returned to Dryden after teacher's college, bringing years  of experience in the Thunder Bay music scene.  Talented drummer and former newspaper editor Chris Marchand came out to listen, liked what he heard, and began adding his own new sound.   

Ragged Road is fortunate to be joined by other talented artists.  Musician and sound engineer Joel Lightman, of Great Canadian Dueling Pianos, mixes and masters Ragged Road's music.  His playful keyboard tracks round out the  band's sound.  Drummer Andy Kennedy often joins the band for live performances.  Sound engineer Rick Smith is integral to the band's original sound.

The original songs featured here began with lyrics and melodies written by Mike and Peter, but every band member adds their own original stamp.  Rod's crisp lead riffs, Chris Marchand's lively drum beat and Jhustin's bedrock bass tracks make up the varied sounds of Ragged Road.  You will hear rock, indie, country, metal, bluegrass and folk music influences as you listen to these tunes.  The music you hear on this site has been written by all.

Michael Dennis

Songwriter & Rhythm Guitar

Pure entertainment.  Mike Dennis can't sit still on the stage, and often wanders into the audience during a gig, interacting with fans as he plays.  Songs like "Second Hand Shoes" began with Mike's pen.

Rod Parr

Lead Guitar - Amazing Ear for Music

A veteran musician, whose imaginative licks and ricks are a defining feature of Ragged Road's music.  

Chris Marchand


The heartbeat behind every song, Chris Marchand searches for a unique beat that transforms our music.  Shotgun proposal?  That was a singer-songwriter tune until Chris came along.

Jhustin Czjakowski

Bedrock Bass Guitar

Jhustin honed his craft in the Thunder Bay music scene.  His bedrock bass pulls dancers onto the floor, and his original tracks define every Ragged Road tune.

Peter Keen

Songwriter & Lead Vocals

If you had told Peter he would be a band's frontman, he would have laughed at you.  He fell into music later in life and hasn't looked back.