I love the fire.....covid 19 project

Unable to get together, we've decided to record a version of "Fire of this Band", with some of our partners.  It pays tribute to all the musicians out there, whose music is helping people through self-isolation.  We'll be releasing this, with a music video to boot, in the upcoming weeks.  Take a listen to the progress of this song.


Like every other musician in North America, all our live gigs have been cancelled.  So Ragged Road has decided to do a Covid 19 project, and we are involving partners in this.  We're building a song, musician by musician and group by group.  The demo is below.

We are asking various musicians record an instrumental or vocal track to the song.  The plan is to have the song build to a finale, by adding harmonized vocal and instrumental tracks to it.  The musicians involved will all be recording from their own home studios.

The song is intended to be a tribute to the musicians and groups, whose music is helping all of us get through this period of uncertainty and isolation.  We'll be asking the musicians who contribute a track, as well as a number of other gropus, known and unknown, to contribute a snippet of a live performance video.   The song will then be a backing track to a music video made up of live performances.